Why are Things Funny?

What is and isn’t funny changes from person to person. Everyone’s individual experiences and cultures are completely different and what everyone thinks is funny differs due to that. However, there are several tricks and topics that are almost universally bound to get a giggle if they are presented right.

My favourite trick for comedy is the rule of three. When I was in Drama productions this technique was used a minimum of once a play. What it is is when the same thing happens three times in the play but the third time is slightly different from the previous times. For example, a character (I will call him Bob) is nervous to enter the room where his angry girlfriend is furiously going over her inner monologue out loud. Every time he timidly begins to enter the room she shouts in frustration that if she were to see him she would punch his face in or something equally as undesirable. Then when he retreats she remembers something good about him and he begins to enter the room with new hope only for it to be dashed again. The third time he pokes his head in she keeps saying good things about him so he comes all the way into the room. Meanwhile out of frustration and confusion, his girlfriend grabs something and hurls straight into Bob before realizing he is there… It is difficult to grasp without seeing it but next time you go to a play or see a movie, keep track events that seem to be repeating with slight variations they usually are funniest the third time the event happens.

Universal topics for Comedy need to be relatable to most people. This is why romance is such a popular genre throughout the world, it is relatable. Romance and other genres are not completely free from cultural differences. Dating and marriage practices are very culturally specific. However, domestic affairs, love triangles, and many other situations from the genre appear in comedies all over the world, Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, Kalidasa’s Malavika and Agnimitra, Plautus’ Casina, multiple Japanese anime and American cartoons. They all have examples of romance and the problems it can cause being used as comedic devices. Aside from romance, most people have experience with work and school. Also, physical comedy is funny for all ages but the type of physical humour that is funny could be different depending on the country and culture.

Lastly Irony is an absolute staple for any joke or comedic scene. For some strange reason it is funny when the exact opposite of what we believe is going to happen happens. Shakespeare loved to use Irony in his plays and writers still use this device in modern works. It hasn’t stopped being used after all these years because it works. Irony brings surprise and almost a sense of novelty to a story. It can refresh a stale plot and facilitates laughter which releases dopamine that will make the story seem more enjoyable. Overall, Irony is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can vastly improve any comedy.

Looking Back at the Creation of This Blog.

This blog was created while I was still in high school. When I first wrote here I couldn’t  have cared less about views and likes on what I posted. I just wanted to see what it was like to write somewhere that anything I wrote could be seen by anyone. I even made up a pen name just for the fun of it. But eventually, I felt like if I was going to post something it had to be profound in some way.

Reading through my few older posts I found some horrible poetry that my brain must have mercifully erased from my memory. I was obviously trying too hard. I tried to make even the simplest things profound in some deep, inspiring way. It didn’t turn out well. At the time I had just taken an interest in writing poetry because my friends, who are much better writers than I am, were into it.

Recently, I rediscovered this blog and have started writing again. I mostly write when I should be studying or writing an essay. I promise my poetry has improved since high school, but I doubt I will be posting any more of that anytime soon. What I write and how I write it will probably change depending on where my whims take me that day. I don’t expect anything I write will be read but if it is then I hope what I write interests you and makes your day a little bit better.

Pre-Midterm Stress Week

Almost any university student knows that the week or two before midterms begin can be incredibly stressful. Every professor decides to make a major project due in that week when you SHOULD be studying for your midterms. Some students have work or families as well which limits the amount of time they can spend slaving away over the perfect thesis for their paper. This pattern of piling on heaps of assignments right before midterms though flawed, probably isn’t going away anytime soon. These are some of the things that help me deal with the stress and the workload.

  1. List out exactly what you need to get done.                                                                        This is important because often when we think of everything that needs to be done it can become overwhelming and it is hard to decide where to start. List out all the assignments that need to be done, what needs to be done to complete them (e.g. minimum work requirements, specified number or sources you must find and include, etc.), and when they are due. You may be surprised by how much easier it is to quickly decide where to start when all the information is laid out in front of you.
  2. Start with something small or something that interests you.                                                Working on a long paper on a subject that you couldn’t care less about is not incredibly enticing to think about. Avoid extended periods of procrastination by “warming up” with an assignment that is short and easy to complete or one that is on a subject of interest to you. Once you feel like you have gotten something done, you will feel less overwhelmed and will have an easier time tackling longer and less interesting tasks.
  3. If you must, plan for procrastination.                                                                                         If you are anything like me, procrastination is an ever present enemy in your quest to obliterate that pile of homework sitting on the desk. If you can’t beat the urge to put off your homework then plan for it and make it work for you. set aside an hour in which you are allowed to procrastinate guilt-free. Try to do some work during it but if you end up scrolling through social media, watching a tv show ,or I don’t know … writing a blog post about all the homework students have this time of year, don’t worry about it just put a limit on it and when that time is over get back to work. Another method to plan for procrastination is to avoid doing one assignment by working on another assignment. This works best if there is ample time to complete the original assignment before its due date.
  4. Be smart with breaks.                                                                                                                                Breaks when studying are important but they are also opportunities to begin the procrastination process all over again. I suggest taking a ten minute break every hour, and using that time to stand up, stretch, take a walk, and maybe make a light snack with natural sugars (like an apple). Keep in mind simple snacks like apples can be eaten while you work if you prepare them during your break.

Hopefully these tips will make pre-midterm stress week a bit more bearable.

Roll Up the Rim to…. lose…

5 years and I have won once….

but it is actually pretty addicting.

well played Tim Hortons…. well played…

the chances don’t really increase very much with larger sizes according to these guys


that is all………….

ps. while typing this my friend who is sitting beside me won a doughnut… there goes my post!

There are times i wish to make faster

others I want to last forever

A few pauses to finish tasks so boring

so I can have fun before rain starts pouring.

For when all is said and done

when you think you’d like to leave.

When it’s too late to go back to fun

You will wish you hadn’t sped so fast those days.


this isn’t a perfect poem but I feel it begins to grasp the feelings you get when something,like school, is ending forever. You can’t wait to get out of there for so long and then the time approaches and you wish you had just a little bit longer…

All posts are welcome to be used so long as this blog is accredited. Or the name Elizabeth Tyler…

                 Fallen to the Dead or Deaf

Rage consuming me

its cruel clasping hands holding.

I know that I should flee

but rage believes it can solve everything.

its blood runs hot

I hear squealing, I hear death

Rage’s ramblings are cut to naught.

its wrathful purpose destroying or making deaf

all those it sought to correct.