Looking Back at the Creation of This Blog.

This blog was created while I was still in high school. When I first wrote here I couldn’t  have cared less about views and likes on what I posted. I just wanted to see what it was like to write somewhere that anything I wrote could be seen by anyone. I even made up a pen name just for the fun of it. But eventually, I felt like if I was going to post something it had to be profound in some way.

Reading through my few older posts I found some horrible poetry that my brain must have mercifully erased from my memory. I was obviously trying too hard. I tried to make even the simplest things profound in some deep, inspiring way. It didn’t turn out well. At the time I had just taken an interest in writing poetry because my friends, who are much better writers than I am, were into it.

Recently, I rediscovered this blog and have started writing again. I mostly write when I should be studying or writing an essay. I promise my poetry has improved since high school, but I doubt I will be posting any more of that anytime soon. What I write and how I write it will probably change depending on where my whims take me that day. I don’t expect anything I write will be read but if it is then I hope what I write interests you and makes your day a little bit better.

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